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Choclatique Is One Unique Chocolate Boutique

April 9, 2009

Choclatique Peanut Butter Jelly Truffle

I love finding a company that makes a chocolate peanut butter product. I love it even more when they make a bunch of them! Chocolatique has quite a chocolate peanut butter filled repertoire.

According to the video on their website, Choclatique makes 150 different varieties of chocolates. Of their chocolates, co-founder Ed Engoron says that his aim was, “to create flavors that are familiar, and authentically American.” As he and the other co-founder, Joan Vieweger rattle off some of their many flavors, I am reminded of how Bubba in Forest Gump would rattle off all of the varieties of shrimp he knew - the list just keeps on going! Ed notes that the peanut butter and jelly is his all-time favorite. Nice choice!

We were lucky enough to taste Choclatique’s Peanut Butter & Jelly Truffle at The National Peanut Board Tasting a few weeks ago. If you love the classic combo of peanut butter and jelly, just wait until you throw chocolate into the mix. Jelly adds moisture to the sometimes dry combination of chocolate and pb, all the while adding an extra burst of fruity flavor. How can you go wrong? You can get yourself a whole box of PB&J chocolates at Choclatique’s website, or switch it up with a combo of other interesting cpb flavors such as the Peanut, Nougat and Caramel, and Peanuts in Burnt Caramel. Check out the full list of flavor combos here. You can also build a customized box of their chocolates using their site’s Build-a-Box feature. You know how there’s always that flavor or two in the box of chocolates that you just don’t like? Well you can avoid that travesty by hand-picking the collections yourself. It’s like you’re standing right in a chocolate shop, only you’re… not. Awesome!

Below are their Chocolate Peanut Butter Drinking Mix and Crunchy Chocolate Double-Drizzled Peanuts. I think it’s safe to say they’ve got some cpb fans over there!

Choclatique Chocolate Peanut Butter Products

I’ve prepared their Chocolate Peanut Butter Drinking Mix a couple times this week. On the package it says that you could make it with whole milk, 2%, nonfat or soymilk. The first time around, I used vanilla soy because that’s what I drink on a regular basis. I enjoyed the rich creamy texture that the soymilk lended, but didn’t like the added vanilla flavor. So I decided to make it again this morning but with whole milk instead.

It’s really nice to start your day by open the drinking mix package and get hit with the scent of peanut butter. After smelling it, I was especially excited to have another cup and actually burnt my tongue taking a sip too soon. I can be a little impatient when it comes to sweets, haha. I definitely recommend the whole milk instead of the soy (or at least vanilla soy, regular might be alright) because you get the same texture without that extra flavor disrupting the chocolate and peanut butter.

It really surprised to me that such rich flavor could come from a powdered mix. More recently I’ve been looking to buy hot chocolate mixes that display actual pieces of chocolate thinking that will lend more flavor, but this powder proved me wrong. It’s rich, and thick enough but not too thick. Both mornings that I tried it, I had it with breakfast and while it was very indulgent, it wasn’t too heavy for the morning. As much as I love thick sludgy hot chocolate, I don’t like the brick-in-the-stomach feeling you can get from drinking it. This was satisfying without the added side effect of regret and proved to be a great way to start my day.

Choclatique will give you not one, but many options for a chocolate peanut butter fix. With such a vast line of tasty treats, they might just put the Easter Bunny out of business! Gasp!

Update: Check out more info about Choclatique’s products from Co-founder Ed Engoron in the comments section.

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