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Top 5 Chocolate Peanut Butter Milkshakes

June 9, 2008


Here’s some help for ya if you’re sweatin’ it out in the heat and humidity as we are here in lovely NJ… some super delicious chocolate and peanut butter milkshakes!

Not too long ago when I was writing about Torico’s Premium Homemade Ice Cream Parlor and thinking about the milkshake we got there, I decided to ask my taste tester what his top 5 shakes are. Note: some are chocolate peanut butter (c&pb), some are just chocolate (c)…

  1. Cold Stone* (c&pb) - They win the #1 spot because they put a lot of peanut butter in their shake. This is an easy way to win taste tester’s heart, not to mention theirs is super creamy.
  2. Oberweis (c&pb) - They make a really rich shake, not to mention the best chocolate milk that’s still sold in a glass bottle.
  3. Potbelly (c) - He used to work around the corner from a Potbelly location in Chicago and would grab lunch and a shake there a couple times a week. This is the old standby, but since he’s moved, Cold Stone and Johnny Rockets are the usual destinations.
  4. Peanut Butter & Co (c&pb) - We’ve only had their chocolate peanut butter shake once (not on the menu, but you can request it), so it’s hard to beat others that he’s tasted so many times. It certainly has potential to move up the list. I’ve also had their Fluffernutter Shake which is damn good. Also, they get extra points for selling crazy straws to accompany their drinks.
  5. Johnny Rockets (c) - I find it interesting that Johnny Rockets and Cold Stone are a block away from each other but sometimes he chooses JR over CS, even though CS is better. He says that JR is just different, it’s got a bit more of a malty flavor.

Honorable mention: It doesn’t make the list due to being in a different category, but if Admiral Byrd’s Mocha Freeze from Intelligentsia in Chicago was eligible (it doesn’t have peanut butter), it would also be on there. Taste tester wanted to put Shake Shack in NYC on the list out of anticipation, but he hasn’t actually had it yet. He finally went there recently but the lines were insane and having somewhere to be, he ran over to the shortest line and enjoyed some frozen custard instead. So maybe the list will be updated if and when he gets to try theirs.

Anyone know of anywhere else that makes a good shake? Or have any great shake recipes?

*I realize I’m plugging Cold Stone two days in a row, and just want to say that I am not in any way affiliated with them incase it seems that way. Just a fan!

*UPDATE: This list has been ammended with a new #3. Find out who it is here.

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