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Xocolatl De David Chocolate Review

September 21, 2012

Xocolatl de David

We now interrupt our regularly scheduled programming…

So, I wasn’t actually going to write a separate blog post about the many bars that I acquired in Portland, partly because I bought too many bars at once and set off eating them way too quickly. But, then I tasted this Brown Butter Bar by Xocolatl De David and life as I knew it changed. You know you’ve found a good chocolate bar when it literally stops you in your tracks. And when everyone around you freaks out about it too. It’s not just you, it’s fricking amazing chocolate.

The bar’s description from The Meadow, the wonderful chocolate shop we purchased it from in Portland goes as follows:

"Xocolatl de David's latest creation is possibly his masterpiece: a dark chocolate bar magically imbued with the rich browned butter flavors. Rich, savory-sweet silkiness in an unassuming package that will, after one bite, have you making a U-turn back to the store to pick up another."

That “U-turn” comment couldn’t be more accurate. I think all four of us who tasted it did exactly that. The move was like a physical, “Say what?!”.

This bar is super crazy smooth and has an amazing brown butter flavor. How genius of them was it to develop that flavor anyway? Of course brown butter would be awesome as a chocolate flavor because brown butter’s awesome with everything. This bar is caramelly, perfectly salty and it just absolutely mmmmmmmelts in your mouth.

On a side note, I just want to throw it out there that it’s really cool that they have a link to the firm who designed the packaging right on the packaging itself. It’s not something that maybe any (?) other brands include on their packaging, but considering what a huge part package design plays in influencing the consumer to pick up a product, I think it makes perfect sense to be on there. Nicely done. Designed by Fullblast Creative.

On another aesthetic note, I kind of like that their bar (see above pic) is perfectly smooth on the surface with no square shapes or logos- nothing to take away from the simply awesome tasting experience.

Xocolatl De David Brown Butter. Go.

Xocolatl de David

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