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CPB Toffee "Crack"ers

April 13, 2012

Chocolate Peanut Toffee Crackers

Your parents always taught you never to do drugs, but did they say anything about eating yourself silly on super addictive CPB toffee crackers? I didn’t think so. These crackers are just as addictive and head-swirlingly satisfying as drugs without… being drugs. Hooray!

My sisters and I all love peanut butter, but my mom hates it. Every holiday we join in to make dessert and probably much to her dismay at least one peanut butter dessert makes its way to the table. One of this year’s Easter desserts were these salty / sweet CPB Saltines. They seemed a bit too snack-ish to be on the dessert table, but no one was debating technicalities as they were too busy stuffing their face holes and reveling in the tastiness.

These are super addictive. You know how when you are destroying a bag of chips, each one is just so perfectly salty that you can’t resist grabbing another and another? These saltines actually get baked in the oven for a few minutes so they come out a bit crispy instead of full on crunchy like they usually are and they are topped in a layer of sweet crunchy toffee, dark chocolate and roasted peanuts. The sweet toppings combined with the salty crackers makes for a wonderfully deadly delicious combination of flavors and textures.

Get the recipe on Allrecipes. My sister topped hers with honey-roasted peanuts, but you could also add a layer of peanut butter and peanut m&ms as this blogger did. Enjoy!

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