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Have You Ever Had Sponge Candy?

September 27, 2011

Watson's Sponge Candy

Now that our wedding has come and gone, it seems it’s time to get back to the important questions in life. So, sponge candy - have you hit that?

This is a good question to ask yourself. Until meeting Taste Tester I was never even remotely curious about sponge candy. Maybe because the name “sponge” makes me think of a creepy bald man-genie instead of something delicious. So, if you fall into this camp of unfortunate sponge candy ignorance, let me tell you: you are missing out on something wonderful.

You may have seen it called “honeycomb candy”, “hokey pokey” or “sponge toffee” and you may have seen it somewhere else, but whenever Taste Tester would talk about sponge candy, he would specifically reference Watson’s Chocolates in Buffalo, NY. Buffalo’s a good six hours from us so we don’t get there too often, but on our drive back from Chicago this weekend, we took a little detour there to visit a great aunt and stopped by the source to pick up some sponge candy.

It looks a bit unassuming but holy moly, is it good.

Watson's Sponge Candy

They are pretty hefty little bricks with a nice thick coating of chocolate all around. There’s a distinct crispy-sounding crunch when you bite into them but the slightly rough sponge-like candy quickly gives way and melts nicely, mingling with the chocolate and giving it a honey / caramel flavor. They’re sweet and crazy addictive. Crazy, I tell ya!

Luckily Taste Tester prefers the milk and I prefer the dark, so we can play nice and share the box. You can tell who’s visited the box a little more. Hehe.

Watson's Sponge Candy

One thing to be careful with sponge candy is temperature control because it can get sticky and chewy if it gets hit with humidity. I once excitedly recommended it to a friend in humid weather and found this out the hard way. Lesson learned: eat candy as quickly as possible while candy is at it’s prime. Problem solved and stomach happy.

Get some wonderfully delicious sponge candy from one of eight Watson’s Chocolates NY locations or buy online.

While in Buffalo, we also picked up a new brand of peanut butter. Any guesses on the brand? Next post soon!

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