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The All-American Yogurt Parfait

June 8, 2011

American Parfait

What’s so American about it, you ask? Three things:

1) One of the ingredients comes from a dessert that’s about as American as you can get: apple pie.

2) Another ingredient was born in the Americas with a crop native to the land: peanut butter.

Given how American this parfait seems, I probably should have saved this post for the 4th of July. But let’s face it, none of you are going to be eating anything remotely healthy on an American BBQ-style holiday, now are you? So let’s get to it now!

I had an idea the other day for a dessert experiment made with apple pie filling. Since it was just an experiment and I was just playing around, I didn’t really want to go through the trouble of making the homemade stuff, so I did something a little unthinkable: I bought a can of apple pie filling. Then I did something even more unthinkable: I tasted the canned filling… and kinda liked it. Is that something I should have kept to myself? Are you going to scorn me for this confession? Probably. But hey we all have our weird food weaknesses and better it be this than say… a mayonegg.

Prior to this experience, I’ve always sort of grazed over that lower shelf of canned pie stuff with a bit of disdain. Those cans didn’t even seem worthy enough to be in the same glorious arena as the fine chocolates they sit alongside. But, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do and embracing the Sandra Lee in me, I grabbed a can. If you’re not on board with this, you can use your own homemade version of cooked apple pie filling or maybe a chunky apple butter. Or heck - break up a slice of apple pie and mix some in. I mean if they’re throwing whole pieces of pie into milkshakes these days, surely you’re allowed to add a few bites to your yogurt parfait.

American Parfait

A note about the peanut butter choice: I first tried tasting the yogurt and apples with PB&Co’s Cinnamon Raisin Swirl which is one of my favorites and seemed the obvious choice. I love it but it was a touch too heavy to match the other ingredients here. The honey peanut butter has a bit of a lighter flavor and smoother texture that really paired up nicely. So I definitely recommend you stick with that one for this particular application.

Oh and I almost forgot… there’s one more American thing about this:

3) The dividing and conquering.

American Parfait


All-American Yogurt Parfait
Yields 1 serving

1 (6 oz) container organic low fat vanilla yogurt, divided
2 Tbsp PB&Co's The Bee's Knees Honey Peanut Butter, divided
1/3 cup canned apple pie filling, chopped if it's in large chunks and divided

Fill a clear serving glass with 1 Tbsp of the peanut butter, half of the apple pie filling and half of the yogurt. Repeat and serve chilled!

The best part about putting the peanut butter in the glass first is re-discovering it as you near the bottom of the glass. Feels like you unearthed a buried treasure!
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