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Ben & Jerry's Clusterfluff Ice Cream w/Homemade Hot Fudge

May 6, 2011

Ben & Jerry's Clusterfluff Ice Cream

Like any smart chocoholic, I tend to order hot fudge on my ice cream sundaes for maximum chocolatization. Unfortunately it seems that most ice cream places make a sub-par fudge. It’s either too sweet, made with low-quality chocolate or has grainy sugar crystals. Bleh. So I decided to whip up a big batch of the stuff myself to keep at home. And I found the perfect ice cream to go with it: Ben & Jerry’s Clusterfluff.

It’s got all of my favorite things! Peanut butter ice cream, caramel clusters, marshmallow swirls and peanut butter swirls. It’s like a crunchy fluffernutter sandwich in ice cream form. My usual Ben & Jerry’s pick is Chubby Hubby which is a saltier peanut butter flavor, but if sweet is more your thing, this one is your jam.

Ben & Jerry's Clusterfluff Ice Cream

Aside from quality control, another advantage to making ice cream sundaes at home as opposed to going out for them is portion control. Yes, it is a little dangerous having a stash of ice cream in the house, but at least I don’t have to witness stifled snickers from the people behind the counter as I sheepishly ask for the kid-size. Hey, adults like small servings, too! At least they don’t card me…

In general, I prefer a dark bittersweet fudge, but I think lighter chocolates (semi or milk) would pair nicely with this ice cream as well. Get the recipe here. And get to your local grocery store and pick up a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Clusterfluff. Because not having ice cream on-hand in the midst of a vicious hunger pang would be a cluster… ahem… [rhymes with puck].


Ben & Jerry's Clusterfluff Ice Cream

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