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The PM Brownie

May 1, 2011

The PM Brownie

Note: Please take in the following paragraph as if read by this guy.

IN A WORLD where sugar and butter come together to forge unstoppable conglomerates of deliciousness… IN A BID to prove that healthy desserts can be good too… The odds seemed inconceivable… The risk of rejection: probable!… But against all odds… With an edible weapon both tasty and healthy!… One blogger stood tall against the calorie-laden forces of the universe… His name? The Peanut Butter Boy. His weapon? The PM Brownie.

I’ve long been overdue to mention The Peanut Butter Boy considering we are of a very small community crazy enough to maintain websites about peanut butter. While post after post, I try to persuade you with photo after photo of glistening cakes and cookies, he follows a healthier path. It’s an epic battle of good versus… good! Yay us.

After witnessing my reluctance to open up to the healthier side of baked goods, he shared with me one of his PM brownies. Under normal circumstances, I would probably roll my eyes at the thought of healthy dessert. However, he took advantage of a trick employed by many a health aficionado: adding spice to enhance flavor instead of fat. In this recipe, he adds coffee to the chocolate brownie mix, which intensifies the chocolate flavor without adding extra calories. Smart! And delicious.

Try The PM Brownie yourself and become a beilever. And thanks to The Peanut Butter Boy for helping to make the world a better place, one healthy peanut butter swirl brownie at a time!

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