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PB&J to Save the World (No April Foolin')

April 2, 2011

Like most kids, I ate a lot of peanut butter & jelly sandwiches. Little did I know that this was a good thing for both my tastebuds and for the planet!

The PB&J Campaign is spreading the world about how eating plant-based meals - specifically the PB&J - is a way to help decrease greenhouse gas emissions as well as water and land usage. And what better day to join in the cause than today, April 2nd, National PB&J Day!

They’ll be celebrating live with Whole Foods Markets in Philadelphia (the Callowhill store) and Los Angeles (the Woodland Hills store), and invite you to drop by for a sandwich. If you’re not in those areas, whip one up yourself and sink your teeth into this classic, tasty earth-lovin’ sammy. Maybe make a second one for a friend while you’re at it to share the good eats and help spread the word.

For more information, check out The PB&J Campaign. Happy PB&J Day!

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