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You Know You're a Food Nerd When...

September 13, 2010

A recent discussion about food nerd status prompted me to think about all of the times I’ve nerded-out in the name of food. If you find that your experiences have been comparable to mine, congrats - you are without a doubt, a food nerd!

You know you’re a food nerd when… Your obsession with food (and subsequent lack of control) started young. Yep, that’s me as a kid enjoying a piece of chocolate cake… a little too much.


You know you’re a food nerd when… You’ll make your entire family wait patiently for a slice of birthday cake until you get that perfect shot. Oh, and you’ll use anything within reach (a ziploc container?) as a tripod to get it. You may look like a dork, but it doesn’t matter - someone needs to document that cake!

Kristy Enjoys the Birthday Cake I Baked.

You know you’re a food nerd when… You make plans to travel and the first thing you do is look up the local eats, nevermind where you’re going to stay or how you’re going to get there. Here’s me snapping a shot of More Cupcakes in Chicago. What? You wanted a picture of the Sears Tower? Buy a postcard.

Kristy at More

You know you’re a food nerd when… You have stars in your eyes the second you walk into a cupcake shop (this one was taken in Sprinkles). Oh, and you walk out with a dozen cupcakes - at 9am. Because what better way to start a day than with a cupcake breakfast? Diets are for sissies.

Kristy at Sprinkles

You know you’re a food nerd when… Your food documentation lands you a spot in a newspaper article about food nerds. That’s me in The Daily News snapping a real kodak moment of a slice of pizza. Why did I need a picture of a slice of pizza? Who knows!

Daily News Story

You know you’re a food nerd when… You go to Shake Shack in 20 degree weather if it means you can walk right up to the window instead of going on a nice summer day and waiting on line for two torturous hours to get your chocolate peanut butter pretzel custard. Oh, and you’re unusually thankful for the crazy people hanging out in Madison Square Park because you don’t look so nutty by comparison, posing with your dessert.

I couldn’t help smiling in anticipation for my custard, even though my lips were frozen.

me with Shake Shack custard

You know you’re a food nerd when… You destroy your kitchen at some ridiculous hour of the morning if it means potentially winning a cupcake bake-off. I took home second place in my category, which leads me to my next qualifier: you’re a food nerd if you place in a cupcake competition.

Which to choose!?

You know you’re a food nerd when… You pose with your winning pastry like the proudest mama ever.

Kristy Poses For the Paparazzi

You know you’re a food nerd when… You read a blog about chocolate and peanut butter. (Haha, gotcha! I write it though, so that puts me at least a few points ahead of you.)

And finally, you know you’re a food nerd when… You have more pictures of yourself posing with food than with family members.

How did the bride look at that wedding? Who cares, check out the cake!

Kristy and the Cake

Who were you on that tour bus with? You don’t remember but you did get the money shot with that brownie!

Kristy with a Treats Truck Treat

Sound familiar? Welcome to the club, food nerd! :)

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