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Reese's Dessert Bar Mix Review & Other Exciting News

June 10, 2010

Reese's Dessert Bar Mix

Hi! I’ve missed you! Sorry it’s taken so long for me to write but I have a great reason for my absence: I’ve been working on a cookbook! I’m actually being commissioned to co-write the book for someone else so it’s not a book entirely about chocolate and peanut butter as you may expect, but I did manage to sneak some chocolate and peanut butter recipes into it. ;) I’m not sure I can share too much more about it at this stage of the game but I will update you with more information as I’m able.

We had a 3-day long marathon photo shoot for the book last weekend and needless to say after 40 hours of being on my feet and running around in the kitchen, I have not wanted to cook/bake a thing this week. Taste Tester has been very patient with the lack of food, and the fact that few chocolate peanut butter treats have emerged from our kitchen in the past weeks because of all the prep-work I’ve had to do for the book.

He was out running errands one day and came across Reese’s Dessert Bar Mix. It’s a mix for a no-bake bar with a chocolate cookie crust, peanut butter filling and chocolate topping. I may have divulged my distrust of no-bake recipes in the past but peanut butter bars like this one hold a special place in my heart because my mom makes one just like it that’s delicious. No-bake treats have the potential to be good, they just have to get it right and this one does!

The mix may not produce bars that are 100% as good as the chocolate peanut butter bars my mom makes, however these take literally minutes to whip up (I was done preparing it in less than 15) while the bars from scratch take quite a while. The box comes with four different pouches of mix and even comes complete with its very own pan.

Those of you out there into super natural products and baked goods my not be fans of the long ingredient list on the side of this box. However, I am a fan of the “everything in moderation” and feel that enjoying something like this once in a while is perfectly legal in my world. Perhaps one other fault aside from the ingredient list is that the chocolate could be better quality, but aside from that, they’ve got a great smooth texture and are very satisfying. They’re also very well-balanced; they aren’t overwhelmed by any one component (sugar, butter, chocolate or peanut butter) as it seems no-bake treats often are. The layers are all very harmonious. It kind of tastes as if you were to get a fresh Reese’s cookie bar straight off the line in their factory. It may not be a 5-star restaurant dessert but you get excited over it like a little kid.

To conclude, here are some advantages to this product:

  • These are ridiculously fast to make for those of you craving a CPB treat with no time or energy to whip one up from scratch.
  • Prep requires few dishes for those of you dishwasher-less folks like myself
  • Only requires a microwave so it can easily be prepared in a college dorm or somewhere else that lacks an oven. Even if you have an oven, these would even be great to make on a super-hot summer day when you don’t feel like turning it on.
  • They are a refrigerated treat which also makes them a cool, refreshing CPB treat for summer.
  • They’re yummy!

Pick up some Reese’s Dessert Bar Mix and enjoy a super easy and yummy CPB treat!

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