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Holy Cowgirl!

March 30, 2010

Too Haute Cowgirls

I don’t know how Too Haute Cowgirls came up with such wonderfully crazy flavors for their delicious buttercrunch popcorn but I am thankful for it! A small team of tasters and I tasted every type of popcorn the cowgirls make and were blown away. Check out each flavor below including their white chocolate peanut butter flavor, The Good The Bad And The Peanut Butter.

End of the Trail Mix - “Velvety white chocolate popcorn and Too Haute Cowgirls’ signature caramel corn blended with handmade crunchy ginger and orange spiced granola, almonds, cranberries, and banana chips.”

First off, I hope you make note of the excellent names they gave to each of their confections. Second, I absolutely loved this flavor. Even though it was covered in rich chocolate, I could still detect the more subtle notes like the cinnamon and citrus. The mix was nutty, fruity and chocolatey. White chocolate-covered granola was a new experience to me, and man was it a good one!

This flavor would be great on the trail or even - as the cowgirls point out - for breakfast. Glad I’m not the only one who thinks sweets are welcome in the AM!

End of The Trail Mix

Blisters On My Buttercrunch - “Our special hybrid corn is popped fresh to order, tossed with toasted nuts, then drenched in the most beautiful, buttery caramel you have ever tasted.”

In Amy’s video interview, the reporter claims that this flavor was, “named after a friend’s comments following a painful bike ride.” Ouch. At least something great came from their pain! Since this flavor is the base for all of their other flavors, you know it’s gotta be good.

Blisters On My Buttercrunch

Fleur de Sel - “Too Haute Cowgirls’ signature caramel corn drenched with dark chocolate, topped with crushed handmade toffee, and dusted with the finest hand harvested fleur de sel.”

In Amy’s interview, one of her wholesalers says, “it took one bite to be roped in.” We felt the exact same way. Taste Tester and I each popped a bite and immediately said, “Wow!” This is the cowgirls’ bestseller, and it’s no wonder why. The company is even partnering with mywedding.com at their upcoming bridal shows in Denver (starting April 11) as a result of many requests for wedding favors.

This was the only flavor Taste Tester could eat due to his tree nut allergy (Note: He does not have a life-threatening nut allergy. If you do, we were informed that all of their products are processed in a facility with nuts.). We agreed that he could have most of the Fleur de Sel since I had 6 other flavors to taste. It was so good that he was more than happy with the trade off. I made note of some of his reactions while enjoying this flavor:

[He hops out of his chair and points to the bag, with determination] “That is GOOD!”

“Does she make her own toffee? That’s good toffee!” (they do)

[Takes another bite] “Oh my god

[Holding the bag of Fleur de Sel as it nears its demise] “Is this the biggest size they sell?!?”

“Who makes this? Is she single?”

As his fiancée, I choose to ignore the last comment, but quite honestly this stuff was so good that I almost understand. Almost!

Fleur De Sel

Mutton Bustin Milk Chocolate - “Too Haute Cowgirls’ own special caramel corn drenched in luscious milk chocolate, tossed with handmade peanut brittle and toasted nuts, and perfectly finished with a drizzle of white chocolate.”

I loved the creaminess from the chocolates and the saltiness from the nuts. I also loved the variety of nuts in this flavor and especially that they used brazil nuts. Such a yummy and underused nut.

Mutton Bustin Milk Chocolate

Cowgirl Coffee - “Too Haute Cowgirls’ own special caramel corn smothered in rich dark chocolate and chocolate covered espresso beans, then dusted with flakes of velvety white chocolate.”

This wasn’t a favorite among the group of tasters I shared with, but I give it props for being different than any other kind of popcorn I’ve had before. How many of you out there have had coffee flavored buttercrunch popcorn? Not many, I’d bet!

Cowgirl Coffee

Chili Con Chocolate - “Too Haute Cowgirls’ own special caramel corn drenched in rich dark chocolate, tossed with toasted pecans, and dusted with their own special blend of chili seasoning.”

Like the coffee, I enjoyed this one because it was different. It’s also well-spiced for those of you that are into a little heat.

Chiili Con Chocolate

As incredible as the above flavors were, the real reason I’m here to chat about this company is their chocolate peanut butter flavor:

The Good The Bad and The Peanut Butter™ - Too Haute Cowgirls’ own special caramel corn drenched with a blend of white chocolate and peanut butter, tossed with peanuts, cashews, and pretzels, drizzled with white chocolate and lightly dusted with sea salt flakes.”

This flavor is salty from the popcorn & pretzels, peanut buttery, and creamy from the white chocolate. Wow - yum. Whatever kind of chocolate they use, it’s very smooth and goes well with the buttery caramel corn. And I like that every bite (of their buttercrunch in general, not just this flavor) is different - one bite is completely covered in chocolate, the next is just the bare classic buttercrunch, the next is a pretzel, and so on. The variety keeps it interesting. This flavor even won an award at a Denver chocolate event.

The Good The Bad And The Peanut Butter

It was so good that it left us begging the question: when will this be arriving at a theater near us?

The Good The Bad And The Peanut Butter

I know what I’d be munching on during the show!

Get yourself some (or all) of Too Haute Cowgirl’s Gourmet Popcorn.

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