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Reader Submission: What Kind of Peanut Butter Eater Are You?

February 5, 2010

Peanut Butter Person

The wonderful Marni of Happy Go Marni informed me of a fun peanut butter-related post on Serious Eats, written by Peanut Butter Enthusiast Lee Zalben of PB&Co. In the post, Lee ponders people’s various peanut butter eating habits.

With about 100 comments following the article, people clearly have an opinion. Quite a few comments reference my favorite combination, c&pb. One lady even puts peanut butter on Mint Oreos! Slightly strange maybe, but to quote this week’s 30 Rock, “everyone has their vice.”

I found this comment so sad: “I don’t think I’ve ever eaten it straight from the jar in my whole long life.” Really? What’s wrong with you, lady? Live your life to the fullest! Grab a spoon - you can do it!

So… what kind are you?

This post leads me to wonder what kind of chocolate eaters we are. As for me, I think some of the categories I may fit into are Hoarder, Nibbler, Devourer…

Thanks to Marni for sharing!

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