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Today's Breakfast: Best Ever Banana Bread

August 21, 2009

best ever banana bread

I’m not sure this banana bread recipe quite deserves the title of ‘best ever’, but it’s real good and nice and moist. I used some pretty black bananas and replaced the pecans with raisins due to Taste Tester’s nut sensitivity. It wouldn’t be nice to poison him for breakfast… gotta at least wait til lunch right? OH! crickets. Anyway, I sprinkled the top of my loaf with sugar and cinnamon before popping it in the oven and then took it out 10 minutes earlier than the recipe said to. It was cooked perfectly with a nice crunchy crust on top.

With the peanut butter on top, not only does it satisfy that early morning peanut butter craving, but the added protein will keep you full till lunch. And the chocolate chips will give you super human strength. Okay, I made the last part up, but that’d be cool right?

best ever banana bread

Get the recipe at Allrecipes.

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