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Peanut Butter & Co's Holiday Recipe Contest

November 11, 2008

Peanut Butter and Co Contest

Get in the kitchen because everyone’s favorite (pea)nut house, Peanut Butter & Co recently announced a new Holiday-themed contest! And you’re hearing about it just in time to enter and win a peanut buttery prize! Who’s going to be thinking up peanut butter treats instead of getting their work done today? You are! Just remember, no sandwiches allowed - sorry, Earl but they already did a sandwich contest.

The official Peanut Butter & Co Blog reports that, “In this contest anything goes - desserts, side dishes, main courses, you name it. Have a crazy idea for a Peanut Butter Roast Chicken? Let’s see it! Secretly plotting a Peanut Butter Fondue? Let us know.” For full contest details, visit their blog.

Deadline: “We’ll be awarding TWO prizes for this contest - The first winner will be announced on November 18th, in time for Thanksgiving. The second winner will be announced on December 18th, just before Christmas and Hanukkah. Winners receive a special Holiday Peanut Butter & Co. prize pack. All entries will be eligible for both deadlines, so no need to enter twice!”

Peanut butter green bean casserole, anyone? Hmm… maybe I’ll leave this one to you…

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