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Atlanta Cupcake Tour, Part 7 of 7: Conclusion

November 7, 2008

Atlanta Cupcakes

Okay, back to being a normal food blog now. What a crazy week though, hm?

I don’t know about you but I had a real good time on The Atlanta Cupcake Tour. Are you all cupcake’d out yet? Don’t worry we’ll get back to more of a variety of treats in the coming weeks.

The following tips are from a few readers who were kind enough to inform me of some cupcakes that I missed along the way. (I didn’t ask permission to post these quotes so I am just going to leave them anonymous for now).

"I was able to try the Little Cake Bakery last week. It was by far better than anything on the tour. I went with the vanilla/vanilla. The cake was moist and fairly light. It had a real nice texture too. The icing was actually too nice for me. It had a real high quality vanilla bean flavor and I would have preferred something more artificial. West Egg is still the winner for me but if you want a fancy cake I think they are it." - CPB Lover #1 "You guys were spot on about the reviews on the Atlanta spots (Sweet Pockets, Atlanta Cupcake Factory). There is another one that is much better than any of those. It is called "Little Cake Bakery" it is on Roswell Road in Atlanta. I consider myself a devout cupcake fan and will go to any lengths to try new ones. Have had really good ones and the horrible. Next time you are here in Atlanta do yourself a favor give them a try." - CPB Lover #2 "Enjoying your ATL cupcake review... However you missed two of the finest bake shoppes in the ATL... The 1st is Chocolate Pink Cafe which does a few cupcakes but also offers lots of other superb morsels and last but not least... Little Cake Bakery in Buckhead serves nothing less than the city's best cupcakes." - CPB Lover #3

Wow - all three readers called me out for missing The Little Cake Bakery. Must be a good place for so many people to be concerned that it didn’t get included in the tour. Good thing the tour is easy to ammend, since… well… I wrote it. Don’t forget to add this stop to your agenda when you head out on The Atlanta Cupcake Tour!

To officially conclude the tour, here is a list of the better treats we tried:



Some of the treats we ate on the tour were really great. Some not so great. Some were so bad that they were demoted to dog food. At least Twister (Lindsay’s Miniature Australian Shepherd) got to participate in the tasting.

Atlanta Cupcakes

Atlanta Cupcakes

And as promised, here’s a list of all of the places we ate actual meals at:

DAY 1:

  • Lunch: The Varsity - Didn’t come away with any pictures but I have a way cool paper hat to prove our visit. The fries and onion rings were worth the calories.
  • Dinner: Taqueria Del Sol - Taste Tester and I had just seen this place spotlighted on Food Network and put it at the top of our list of places to eat. It lived up to expectations. The carnita was our favorite, but the fish and chicken tacos were highly recommended to us.

DAY 2:

  • Brunch: The West Egg - Pretty standard brunch. Don’t forget to pick up a black-bottom cupcake!
  • Dinner: Fast Food at the CNN Center before rushing over to an Atlanta Thrashers Hockey Game.

DAY 3:

  • Brunch: The Highland Bakery - They let me order off the kid’s menu which was great because (I haven’t done that since I was 12 and) I got to taste bites of other people’s dishes, not to mention tablecakes. Get the full review and an explanation of tablecakes here.
  • Dinner: Nuevo Laredo Cantina - Taste Tester freaked out about finding Mexican food this good. His freak-out was well warranted; this place was awesome, and definitely one of the best meals of the trip.

DAY 4:

  • Brunch: The Thumbs Up Diner - Pretty great breakfast for amazingly cheap prices. The french toast was thick, fluffy and moist.
  • Dinner: Jeff Varasano’s Pizza Tasting - W - O - W. If this guy doesn’t become one of the kings of pizza as he’s destined to be, there’s something seriously wrong with the world.


A big thank you to Lindsay, Ryan and Mike for taking us around all weekend and sharing some fun times and good eats with us!

I’d like to hear what you guys thought of the Atlanta Cupcake Tour and whether or not you’d like me to write up similar tours for other cities. Taste Tester and I do a fair amount of traveling so we’d be up for more if you are interested. Write to me and let me know! Your comments just might make it to the blog.

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