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Atlanta Cupcake Tour, Part 5 of 7: The Outwrite Bookstore & Coffeehouse

October 27, 2008

Joshua John's Cupcake

This is kind of a random stop on the tour since it’s a bookstore and not a bakery, but I make the rules here so deal with it! :) Happy to support an independent bookshop, we stopped in Overwrite while on the lookout for coffee. Lucky for us they also sell cupcakes. This coincidence has befallen us so often that it’s starting to seem as if cupcakes are stalking us or something.



  1. Joshua John’s Chocolate CC w/ Chocolate Frosting
  2. Chocolate Chip Cookie

This cupcake was on the better end of the cupcakes we tasted on our trip. The cake part was more moist than most of the other rather dry ones we came across. Taste Tester enjoyed it a good deal but while there were things I liked about it, overall it wasn’t quite chocolatey enough for me. The frosting had more of a milky flavor than that deep rich chocolate flavor that I look for. I would eat it again in a pinch, but I can’t say that I’d seek it out.

Joshua John’s also makes a chocolate cupcake with peanut butter buttercream that I’d be interested to try. I’m not sure if that’s the one in this photo, but if it is, I have high hopes.

As for the chocolate chip cookie that I got at Overwrite, I accidentally threw out the cookie wrapper before making a note of the company name. I know, I know - I have failed you as a pastry loving nerd. Sorry! I can tell you that it had some kind of logo with a bear, but that’s all the info I’ve got. It was a soft cookie and if I remember correctly, it was okay and the chocolate was decent but there wasn’t really anything exciting about it. It kind of reminded me of a Chewy Chips Ahoy Cookie. I used to microwave those… maybe it would have tasted better microwaved.

This tour stop was fine, but nothing to write home about. Luckily for us, the tour is not over yet! Stay tuned to find out what we thought of the next stop: Metrotainment Bakery.

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