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Atlanta Cupcake Tour, Part 3 of 7: The Atlanta Cupcake Factory

October 25, 2008

Atlanta Cupcake Factory

Lindsay and I wasted no time after our visit to Sweet Pockets, and drove right over to The Atlanta Cupcake Factory.

What’s that? Visiting one cupcakerie in a day is plenty? Who do you think you are dealing with here, amateurs?


THE ATLANTA CUPCAKE FACTORY 624 N Highland Ave NE, Atlanta Georgia 30306 (some days are by appointment only!)


  1. Sugar Cookie CC w/ Chocolate Frosting
  2. Coconut
  3. Caramel Apple
  4. Chocolate CC w/ Raspberry Frosting


  1. Chocolate Peanut Butter - these weren’t available the day we were there. Sniff

Now let’s see… cute window display complete with perfect looking cupcakes?

Atlanta Cupcake Factory

Check. Friendly cupcake-loving staff?

Atlanta Cupcake Factory

Check. That’s Jamie - she was very nice and helped us by recommending cupcakes when we were feeling indecisive. When Lindsay asked what their most popular cupcake is, I think she recommended the coconut. It proved to be really tasty and was definitely one of the better cupcakes that I ate throughout this whole Atlanta cupcake tasting experience.

After tasting some not-so-good cupcakes from other bakeries, we were feeling rather pessimistic and consequently didn’t get around to tasting most of The Atlanta Cupcake Factory (ACF) cupcakes right away. In fact, the Chocolate Sugar Cookie was the only ACF cupcake we dug into the night of the tasting. Lindsay was very excited about this cupcake, I’m assuming because she loves sugar cookies.

Of course this was the one we tried first and it turned out to be the only cupcake of the bunch that was disappointing. The name sounded really interesting but I think they were going for a cookie texture and instead ended up with a cake was too dry. The thick rich chocolate frosting was good at least. Taste Tester didn’t like it and said that it tasted exactly like Duncan Hines, however I used to eat that stuff by the jarful and can smell it from a mile away. It didn’t taste the same, but it did have a similar texture, which is good for me because while I’ve grown out of the Duncan Hines flavor, I’ve always loved the texture of their frosting.

By the night the tasting rolled around, our trip was coming to a close, so I ended up chopping the rest of the ACF cupcakes in half (leaving some for Lindsay and Ryan, my Atlanta tasting team) and bringing them on the plane to take home. I’m glad I did this because the other three were all really good and definitely surpassed the Sweet Pockets experience. I think the Coconut and Chocolate Raspberry were equally as good (pretty good cake, excellent frosting), but the best of the cupcakes we tried was definitely the Caramel Apple. It was super moist, filled with delicious cooked apples and topped with an awesome cream cheese frosting. Oh how I wish I could have another right now.

The Chocolate Raspberry is on the left and Caramel Apple is on the right. Yum.

Caramel Apple Cupcake

Thank you Atlanta Cupcake Factory for restoring our faith in the quality of Atlanta cupcakeries! I will have to get back there sometime to try the Chocolate Peanut Butter… and maybe grab another Caramel Apple.

Stay tuned to find out what we thought of the next Atlanta Cupcakery on the list: Belly General Store!

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