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Peanut Butter Pomegranate Sandwich with Cocoa Nibs

September 15, 2008


From the moment I found out about pomegranate seeds, I was obsessed with them. It’s sad how hard it is to find pomegranates, even though I live next to / work in such a major city. If you have yet to taste these little gems, you should really try to get your hands on them. It’s not a great comparison, but they’re like the adult equivalent of eating Gushers as a little kid. Don’t get me wrong, they don’t taste anything like gushers - they just have the same surprise burst of juice when you bite into them.

I was able to buy them after they had already been taken out of the pomegranate, but if all you can find is a whole pomegranate, don’t be fooled by it’s intimidating skin, it’s not hard at all to extract the seeds. Here are instructions via about.com: “To facilitate separation of the white membrane from the pips, place cut pieces in a bowl of cold water and gently separate the juicy seeds. The membrane pieces should float to the top of the water for easy separation.”

This isn’t an exact recipe, more of a combination, but it’s very different from your average peanut butter sandwich. The best peanut butter sandwiches have crusty bread and a soft, smooth filling. This one is different because I used soft bread and it has a crunchy filling with a lot of texture.

The reason I don’t have a pic of the finished sandwich is that I made it as I was rushing in the morning and brought it to work. I was a little nervous that the granola would get mushy and it would lose the pleasant crunchy texture I was looking forward to, but it didn’t in the slightest. It was really tasty and a great alternative to your average peanut butter and jelly.


Try it out and enjoy!

Peanut Butter Pomgranate Seed Sandwich Combo

soft whole wheat bread
a healthy slathering of peanut butter (smooth or crunchy)
a smidge of strawberry raspberry jam - I used Sarabeth's
pomegranate seeds
almond granola - I used Milk & Honey Cafe's Original Granola
cocoa nibs - I used Askinosie


Use as much or as little as you like of each ingredient - there are no rules here! The only thing I'll say is that I only put enough strawberry raspberry jam to moisten the sandwich a little bit - not enough to overpower the pomegranate seeds.
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