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Nutter Butters Dipped in Semi-Sweet Chocolate Ganache

September 3, 2008

Nutter Butters

So, after applying the ganache to our tasty Peanut Butter and Chocolate Mousse Cupcakes yesterday, we had a good amount of it left over. While I would have loved to drink the whole batch down, I was able to express a little self control and instead opted to search around my pantry for tasty snacks to dip in it. Nutter Butters were the snack of choice… well, they were the only choice really, but that’s besides the point.

Nutter Butters

Normally I prefer to use leftover ganache as the filling for sandwich cookies, but I had no cookies to fill. I knew it wouldn’t harden up like a chocolate coating should, and therefore would probably be a bit messy, but decided to go for it anyway.

While these aren’t easy treats to transport, man are they good. The ganache is soft, creamy and rich and made a perfect texture and flavor match for the Nutter Butters. The Nutter Butters softened as a result of being dunked and left out to cool, but this didn’t bother me in the least, in fact I liked it quite a lot.

Nutter Butters

So, the conclusion from this experiment is that dunking Nutter Butters (or whatever cookie, fruit, etc. of your choice) into straight chocolate or chocolate coating is probably the cleaner way to go, but man does the ganache taste good! I’ve been eating these at home instead of transporting them around because it’s less mess and well… I get to eat them all myself! Shh!

If you want to buy chocolate coated Nutter Butters instead of making them, you can get them at Chocolate Bar - at least the location on LBI, I’m not sure if the NYC location has them.

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