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Rosa's Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge

August 19, 2008

Rosa's Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge

The other day on the way home, I stopped in a small grocery / convenience store and picked up a square of Rosa’s Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge. The fudge measured 1 3/8 inches and cost (I think) 85 cents.

I’m not sure if this is a knock on Rosa’s Fudge or the protein bar industry, but this fudge kind of reminded me of the texture and taste of a chocolate peanut butter protein bar. It might be a knock on the fudge for obvious reasons, but it might be a knock on protein bars because this goes to show you how unhealthful most of them are - they now resemble straight fudge.

Sadly, this fudge wasn’t quite rich enough for me. I’m not a frequent fudge eater, but to me it’s a really thick indulgent treat. This was a little lighter / more sugary than I think fudge should be.

Oddly enough despite it’s flaws, I still thought the fudge was kind of enjoyable. I’d try to explain, but I’m not really sure I can. Of course, I ate this fudge before my trip to LBI and after having really great fresh fudge on our trip, I’m not sure I could have Rosa’s again and enjoy it. LBI’s Country Kettle Fudge was smooth, chocolatey and caramely (those are both words, right?) which is for me, exactly what good fudge should be.

I once tried to make fudge. Tried and failed. It seemed easy enough, but I was very much an amateur baker at the time and didn’t realize how hard fudge could get. In fact, it got so hard my spoon got stuck in it and I ended up with a brick of fudge in my saucepan, garnished with a utensil. Luckily this happened while I was in college, where boys eat anything and my friends and I chipped away at it anyway. It was actually not bad, though quite unattractive.

Despite the less than perfect outcome, thinking about all of this fudge recently has made me want to give it another go. Here are two recipes - one for chocolate fudge, the other for peanut butter fudge, incase you’d also like to give it a try.

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