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Peanut Butter Oreos Review

August 1, 2008

peanut butter oreo

We’ve explored some fancy shmancy cupcakes the last couple days, so I think it’s time to go back to basics. When you’re on a road trip, you may have destinations that will bring to you luxurious gourmet desserts, but along the way, a craving can hit, and the most convenient place to stop is generally a truck stop on the road. The last time we made one of these stops on a trip, I grabbed a Nutty Bar, which was an old favorite I hadn’t tasted in a long, long time. This time, I got to taste a re-furbished favorite.

peanut butter oreo

Here’s my theory on how the Peanut Butter Oreo happened: One day, an original Oreo fell in love with a Nutter Butter. They got married and had a baby that had an Oreo cookie outside and Nutter Butter filling. They lived happily ever after… until I ate them! Bwahaha.

What a heart-warming story. On to the review…

The original Oreos are arguably my favorite packaged cookies. I have tons of sugary sweets in my house at any given time but can never buy full packs of oreos because I simply cannot control myself around them - they get devoured an at embarrassingly fast rate. So you’d think my favorite chocolate cookie with a new peanut buttery kick would be my dream cookie.

peanut butter oreo

Well, I can’t say it is. I’d still take the original or the double stuffed any day of the week. There’s something about that vanilla filling in an oreo- it’s just so refreshing in between the layers of dark chocolate cookie. I reach for the peanut butter oreos because the autopilot in my brain demands “OREOS! MUST EAT!” but as I chew, I can’t help but wish it was a regular oreo instead. They’re good, but it’s no contest for me. Though I suppose not a bad option since I can actually keep this flavor in the house without making myself ill with gluttony.

On a side note, I love the new Nabisco Snack N’Seal packaging. They came out with these handy self sealing packages that keeps your oreos from going stale. Genius! I hated having to cover my oreos with tin foil or plastic wrap that would eventually get all bunched up and fail to be effective, rendering the last few oreos soft and lacking that wonderful crunch (they’d still get eaten, of course).

peanut butter oreo

This review experience was puzzling because I love Oreos and Nutter Butters. How am I not in love with a hybrid of the two? Even though they weren’t quite as great as expected, I’d probably buy them again sometime. Try them for yourself and see if they stack up to the original for you. I’m sure that if we could find these at a small grocery store in Stanwood Michigan, they must be pretty readily available.

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