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King's Trading Post Party Store Review

August 1, 2008

King’s Trading Post

The ice cream in the above photo is the “Kiddie” size at King’s Trading Post Party Store. It’s got like three scoops of ice cream in it. Welcome to the midwest, everyone.

You can’t tell from the pic but it’s topped with chocolate ice cream and the bottom is peanut butter. The consensus was that the chocolate was really good and better than the peanut butter. Our cohorts enjoyed their vanilla, birthday cake (which was a fun multicolored flavor) and chocolate chip mint.

This convenience store / ice creamery / plant shop is about as unpretentious as you can get for a place that sells some really tasty sweets. It’s in the middle of nowhere and open til 10 pm which was nice since it seemed like nothing else in the area was open past 8.

King's Trading Post

King's Trading Post

I only had a couple bites of Taste Tester’s ice cream, but what I really enjoyed about our visit was the chocolate chip cookies. Mmm they were good! Nice and soft, but not undercooked tasting. Just perfect. Taste Tester though they were good but nothing special, but this isn’t his blog - it’s mine! I am a little ashamed to admit that I “accidentally” kept these in my room instead of the more accessible kitchen and ate most of them myself.

King’s Trading Post Cookie

Seconds after taking this photo, I shoved the entire stack of cookies into my mouth!

Kidding… I’m more of a nibbler than a binger. At $2 per bag (five homemade cookies to a bag… maybe six since I can’t remember if I ate one before taking this photo) they were a good value. Should have bought more than two bags… like ten more.

If you ever find yourself in Mecosta, Michigan, stop by King’s Trading Post Party Store. Eat lots and lots and lots of really good ice cream and cookies and hey, maybe buy a plant while you’re at it.

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