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Fancy Food Show, Part III: Dale and Thomas Popsters

July 8, 2008

Dale and Thomas

This is one of the few photos from the Fancy Food Show that actually came out clear. I’m a fan of Dale and Thomas’s products and not just because they’re from my state (NJ - represent!). They make some really fun, creative products, at least a couple of which contain both chocolate and peanut butter.

I first found out about Dale and Thomas when my family received a sampler box with a few different flavors of their popcorn. Unfortunately the box did not contain their tasty looking Chocolate and Peanut Butter DrizzleCorn, but I guess I can always put that on my Christmas list for next year. I’ll also have to ask Santa for the newest chocolate peanut butter product in their collection: Popsters Mini Popcorn Balls.

As you can see from the above photo, they come in three flavors: milk chocolate, dark chocolate and peanut butter. My only problem with the display is that these flavors are kept separate. Wouldn’t it be great to have them all mixed in the same bowl or package? Though seeing that the company sells a great variety of sampler packages, I assume they’ll sell some kind of gift pack with all three flavors.

There were some really clever displays at the show and I enjoyed that Dale and Thomas displayed some of their products ona truck, which was a look-alike of the one from their logo. Sorry that the shot is cut off - my back was against a wall and there were swarms of people on both sides, so I had to shoot fast. Taking pics at the show was not the easiest.

Dale and Thomas Truck

I’m not sure how the timing works with products that were debuted at the show. Most of the products I plan on writing about from various companies are not yet displayed on their respective websites. I’m sure they were busy prepping for the show and are now busy filling orders made there, so you’ll probably have to keep an eye out for products you’re interested in ordering, in the coming months. This was the flyer I grabbed from Dale and Thomas’s booth:

Dale and Thomas Popsters

It says “Holiday Gift Collection” on the bottom, so I assume they won’t be available til at least the fall, but feel free to correct me if you know otherwise. In the meantime, you can order plenty of other tasty products from the Dale and Thomas website. I haven’t tried the Chocolate and Peanut Butter DrizzleCorn myself (yet!) but I can definitely recommend the Chocolate Popcorn Bars. I can’t speak for the milk, but the dark bar is real good. Hmm, I wonder what other ingredient would go spectacularly with chocolate and popcorn to make a tasty candy bar. Now there’s a real head scratcher…

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