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Fancy Food Show, Part II: Feed Your Soul Cookies

July 4, 2008

Feed Your Soul Cookies

How have I never mentioned Feed Your Soul on this site before?

Before attending the Fancy Food Show, I took a look through the long list of exhibitors and made notes of the booths I definitely wanted to see. I thought my list was pretty thorough, but was still surprised to see certain companies as I made my way through the crowded rooms. My heart skipped a little beat when I turned my head and there was Feed Your Soul.

I giddily ran up to the booth and made my cousin try their Chocolate Chip Graham Cookie (that’s the cookie on the right in the above photo - the other is Chunky Peanut Butter), which has been one of my favorites. The graham flavor is subtle, but gives the cookie a nice texture. For some reason I didn’t chat with the people working the booth, but I’m not sure why. Maybe I was just tired and stuffed at that point, but the people in their cafe are always nice and they make damn good cookies. It’s definitely a company I’m happy to support.

I don’t mean this to sound cocky, but as the years have gone on and I’ve gotten to be a more experienced baker I feel that half the time I purchase pastries, more often than not I am disappointed. Thankfully, Feed Your Soul has broken this trend. Every time we are in Jersey City (I live in Hoboken, so this is fairly often) I make sure to stop in and grab a handful of cookies.

What do I love so much about their cookies? They are SOFT. How disappointing is it when you go to a bakery that has gorgeous looking drop cookies and you bite in to an unpleasant crunch? On the other side of the spectrum, I’m all for super soft texture but I don’t appreciate it when you buy a soft cookie and it’s really just under baked and doughy tasting. Somehow Feed Your Soul got the balance exactly right.

After having a bad lunch in Jersey City, I decided that we needed to stop at Feed Your Soul for some lunch dessert. After devouring their peanut butter cookie, Taste Tester said that I saved lunch.

I didn’t save lunch. Feed Your Soul saved lunch. One sweet bite at a time!

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