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Marie Belle 4-Piece Blue & Brown Box of Truffles

June 24, 2008

Marie Belle Truffles

Before we get on with the post, incase you’re confused - yes, the title reads “4-Piece” but the box only has 3 truffles in it. I admit it… I have no self control and couldn’t wait until after the photos were taken to dig in. Could you? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

Marie Belle was one of the first chocolate boutiques I discovered after moving to NYC, so it holds a little special place in my heart. Walking into their shop is such a treat not just because there are so many fantastic chocolates to taste, but also because it just feels good to be there. The blue and brown hues that are dominant all over the store and the packaging of it’s products has this mysterious soothing way of making me happy and want to buy things. And their truffles and packaging are, of course, gorgeous which also makes me want to buy things.

Clockwise from the left in the above photo, the truffle flavors are Spice, Mango (the missing one), Dulce de Leche and Peanut Butter. Believe it or not, I went for the Mango before Peanut Butter, but I’ve had the PB before and had yet to taste the Mango. What’s also fun about the designs on their chocolates is that the same images are framed on the walls of the shop.

To my knowledge, this Peanut Butter Truffle is the only peanut butter product they sell. They have a whole cafe in the back of the store, which sells some truly fantastic sounding items including crepes and fancy hot chocolates, but nothing on the menu appears to have peanut butter. Can’t really hold that against them though as I’ve never walked out of their store without a bag of goodies and a giddy, “OMG, CHOCOLATE CHOCOLATE CHOCOLATE!!!” smile on my face.

However this time, I didn’t actually go to the store to buy these chocolates. Taste Tester was nice enough to bring this goody bag home for me. But even without going to the store* myself, receiving the clear bag filled with their elegant signature blue and brown box of truffles that was garnished with rose petals evoked that special feeling of being in the store. If you haven’t tasted their truffles or been there yourself, get your butt over to this amazing shop.

Note: The store I’m describing is their SoHo location. I’ve never been to the Madison Ave location and don’t know what it looks like. Guess I’ll have to try and fit a visit into my schedule. Grabs metro card and runs out the door

Marie Belle Truffles

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