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8¢ Scoops at Cold Stone Creamery

June 8, 2008

Cold Stone Ice Cream 8 cents

Dear Anyone Who’s Anywhere Near Astor Place in NYC,

Get your coupon at 8coupons and get yourself a tasty scoop of creamy Cold Stone Ice Cream for a mere 8 cents. The offer is only valid today and I know it’s hot as hell out right now in NY, but ice cream is a nice way of cooling down. So, consider your scoop a prize for putting up with the sweltering subways to get there.

I’m going to guess based on the photo in the advertisement that toppings are included in the deal. So while they don’t sell a chocolate peanut butter ice cream, you can order either some sort of chocolate topping (chocolate fudge, chips, oreos, etc.) in your peanut butter ice cream or some peanut butter topping (peanut butter, peanut butter cups, etc.) in your chocolate ice cream.

Now quit reading and get moving!


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