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Solomon's Gourmet Cookies: Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip

May 21, 2008

Solomons Gourmet Cookies

Solomon’s is a lovely bakeshop that opened up for business in January 2003 by Adam and Jason Tenenbaum. All of their cookie, brownie and bar recipes are from the kitchen of their granny, Frieda Solomon. They even have a fun timeline on their site which documents the journey all the way from Frieda’s childhood to the birth of Solomon’s Gourmet Cookies. Isn’t that sweet!

Of their product, Jason told abc, “No one has ever felt our cookies were anything less than delicious. They’ve been developed and product tested on many, many individuals over the last 50 years. The way the cookies are formulated and balanced is incredible. Our cookies are different from anything out there. They sell themselves when you taste them. And we’re counting on the fact that people are going to want to share their discovery, if not their cookies!”

The man does not kid. My taste tester and I actually had the pleasure of visiting the Chicago location a while back. It’s in kind of an odd spot, but being that Chicago’s kind of an oddly laid out city, it’s really not all that random to have a business like this off on it’s own. And if you’re not convinced yet, make no mistake, it’s certainly worth checking out.

We stopped by a little before they were about to close one day. There was a very friendly employee behind the counter who was patient with us. We gawked, unable to make up our minds as we took in all the goodies in their case. We chatted a bit with the employee and ended up walking out with a good sized bag of cookies and bars, half of which were on the house. I assume because they were about to close, not because we’re totally awesome, but you never know. :P

Wait a sec, I’ve suddenly realized I’m repeating myself. I’ve already written a review for their cafe over on Yelp. (me = Kristy S.)

I’ve also had their cookies sent to friends who have also come to love and rave about them. It’s contagious! Not like the flu though… good contagious.

Stop by Solomon’s site and buy some for yourself or spread the joy to your friends.

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