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Speaking of Taking Food Photos...

April 28, 2008

…Here’s me taking one of a slice at Patsy’s Pizza in NYC:

Scotts Pizza Tours

And here’s the picture of pizza I am taking in the above article:

Patsy's Pizza

This popped up in The Daily News yesterday. As I mentioned, I went on Scott’s Pizza Tour. It was the first official run of the tour and The Daily News came along to snap pictures, get some pizza insight and chow down with us. It’s a pretty silly pic, but I spend a lot of my time taking food photos these days, so I suppose it’s appropriate! Seems that Scott should have gotten the larger page real estate, but you can see him and read the article here if you’re interested.

It was a good practice in taking photos with the new camera (not pictured - the above shot is of my Canon Powershot). Though the adventure was off to a rough start because I dropped my nice new flash on the sidewalk as I was taking it out of the bag. Crash! Luckily, it got a little dinged up but didn’t come away with any functional damage. Whew!

Sorry to get a little off topic today, but I’ve been talking a bit about food photography lately so it fits… kinda sorta… ha. I also took photos of candy bars I will be reviewing soon, so you can take a look at this in the meantime… It’s the inside of the crazy looking Sky Bar that I had purchased after the tour. You can see the four pockets of various fillings including (from left to right) the fudge, caramel, vanilla nougat and peanut butter. Review coming soon!

Sky Bar

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