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The Great Peanut Butter Exhibition

April 14, 2008

The Great Peanut Butter Exhibition

There are lots of blogs out there, but how many are dedicated to just peanut butter? There are lots of contests out there, but how many of them are dedicated to just peanut butter? I’d bet not too many.

Yesterday was a historical day. It was the kick-off of The Great Peanut Butter Exhibition. The exhibition will give you the opportunity to nab your very own place in the history books by entering your very best peanut butter recipe - but not just any peanut butter recipe. The first ever PBE contest is all about cookies. Find and enter your best peanut butter cookie for a chance in the peanut butter hall of fame. Make George Washington Carver proud!

Visit The Peanut Butter Boy for full contest rules and to submit your way awesome recipe.

Peanut Butter Boy, Foodaphilia and The Chocolate Peanut Butter Gallery, all (according to me) superior authorities in the world of peanut butter, will be awaiting to judge and drool over your recipes.

I’d like to think that you guys have learned something from The CPB Gallery and might consider trying a recipe with a certain ahem other delicious ingredient. Hehe.

Good luck!

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