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Crazy Chocolate Peanut Butter Combinations

April 8, 2008

chocolate peanut butter octopus

Yesterday here at The CPB Gallery, we had a little controversy over peanut butter bean dip, or as I like to call it “Peanut-Butter-Bean-Dip-Gate ‘08”. For those of you who did not witness the uncouth attack on culinary creativity, I’ll fill you in.

I came up with a crazy idea. I admit it- it was a bit crazy. Peanut butter and chocolate in a savory dish? Peanut butter + cannellini beans? Chocolate tortilla chips? What was I thinking?

I just decided to mix it up a bit. And I have every right. This is a blog where I only promote recipes that include both chocolate and peanut butter. Did you really think I was going to be making cookies every single day? Bo-ring.

You can read the infamous comment in the comments section of yesterday’s post. What’s funny about this is that not only did the offender disagree with my idea, but it appeared to have actually angered her. She became angry over something I made in my kitchen. It amazed me and had an adverse effect, making me want to come up with recipes that are even more ridiculous than chocolate tortilla chips with peanut butter bean dip.

So, I’d like to ask everyone out there to mix it up a bit and see what you come up with. The result might not be good, heck it might be completely vile, but you’re flirting with the chance that you could discover something totally amazingly awesome. I dare you.

Take a moment to exercise your imagination. What is the craziest chocolate peanut butter dish you can think up? What is your favorite (non-cpb) food in the world - try chocolate peanut butter-i-size-ing it. What do you get? Would you like it / eat it?

There is no room for food snobs here. Only hungry chocolate-and-peanut-butter-addicted people.

A special thanks to The Peanut Butter Boy for his encouragement and peanut butter focused imagination.

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