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The end of cupcake week *sniff*

April 4, 2008

chocolate peanut butter cupcake

Here is the second cupcake post in a row to honor the end of cupcake week on The Martha Stewart Show. It’s too bad I found out about cupcake week on Thursday or I could have done a whole week of them! Do you feel cheated? I do to. At least cupcakes never go out of style, so they will undoubtedly make an appearance again soon. In the meantime please enjoy these adorable chocolate peanut butter cupcake photos by flickr user whimsylove. I don’t know whimsylove personally but judging by the looks of her photos she is a true cupcake lover. She even has some cupcake art here and here and is a great source of inspiration for how to make your cupcakes look pretty.

And I couldn’t help but post this work of art titled, “Monsieur Cupcake”, especially since he looks like he could be made of chocolate and peanut butter. How can you resist a cupcake with a chocolate mustache? Hehe. You can spread the cuteness by sending him to your friends via postcard which can be purchased at her etsy store here.

cupcake drawing

I also love these colorful cupcakes with the plastic flowers on top. This dessert is ready for spring! You can purchase these, as well as many other adorable cupcake decorations at A. Bel Emporium on Etsy.

chocolate peanut butter cupcake

The paper girl toothpicks used in the first photo can be purchased at katydid designs on Etsy.

With all of these adorable ways to decorate your cupcakes, yours will surely put Martha’s to shame!

Sorry Martha, I didn’t mean it… you know you are super! Especially so for sharing this adorable peanut butter cookie cupcake recipe. There’s no chocolate in them, but chocolate chips can easily be snuck into the batter. Or maybe a bit of ganache can hide under that peanut butter icing? A batch of those would be a perfect way to end the week! Thanks, Martha!

And thanks whimsylove for sharing her art & photos!

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