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Chocolate Peanut Butter Crisp Bars

March 25, 2008


Where does the crisp in these brownies come from?… Well if the above graphic didn’t give it away, maybe you don’t deserve to know. It’s potato chips, of course!

I see a lot of repeated concepts in the world of chocolate and peanut butter treats, but I get a little extra excited to find a recipe with some different technique or ingredient that makes it just a little more special than the rest.

It seems that this recipe actually has two secret ingredients. The most obvious one is the potato chips, but I also find the sweetened condensed milk being poured over the top of the brownie before baking to be an interesting technique. It sounds like it would come out to being a very moist, chewy brownie with a bit of crunch, a sticky peanut butter topping and a layer of chocolate ganache to boot. This is certainly not your run of the mill brownie out of a box!

It’s also nice that this recipe starts with a brownie mix, which saves you a lot of time, and with all the add-ins I’m sure that no one would call you out for cheating. And if they do, they don’t get seconds!

I didn’t post the photo of these bars because I like pretty pictures on my blog and the recipe only had a very small, not-so-great one. But there is one that accompanies the recipe if you’re curious for what they look like.

Get the recipe here.

Potato Chip image from Oregon Blue Book.

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