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Not your mama's oatmeal

March 2, 2008

chocolate peanut butter banana oatmeal

This is my favorite kind of oatmeal. It makes one serving and really doesn’t take much longer than one of those instant packs, especially considering the reward you get when you taste a spoonful. With banana, peanut butter, chocolate and even a sprinkle of chili powder, this is no ordinary porridge. Beware, Goldilocks.

1/3 cup quick 1-min cooking oats
1 Tbsp brn sugar
1/4 tsp cinnamon
a sprinkle of chili powder (slightly less than 1/8 tsp)
sprinkle of salt
1 Tbsp peanut butter
3/8 cup boiling water
1/8 tsp vanilla
1 medium banana, mashed
melted bittersweet chocolate, or chocolate syrup for garnish
sweetened banana chips for garnish

1. Fill a tea kettle with a cup of water and heat over a high flame until it boils. Whisk the oats, sugar, cinnamon, chili powder and salt in a small bowl. Add the peanut butter in the center, but do not stir. In a separate bowl, mash the banana.

2. When water comes to a boil, measure out 3/8 of a cup (or as much as you like for desired consistency) and pour it over the oatmeal mixture. The peanut butter will soften so you can stir it all together with a spoon. Stir in the vanilla, then stir in the mashed banana. Finally, garnish with banana chips and drizzle with chocolate.

Sometimes if I want a bit of an extra crunch, I’ll add cocoa krispies instead of the melted chocolate.

This oatmeal beats a bowl of cereal, any day of the week.

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