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Good Ol' Fashioned [Fill in the Blank]

March 1, 2008


I feel like a lot of cookbooks and recipes aim to make a lot of super-crazy-super-edgy-loaded-with-everything-but-the-kitchen-sink-recipes. I will admit to doing this too because well, a lot of the time the result can be pretty freaking delicious. But sometimes you just want a classic. And not a refurbished classic- the real thing. Whether it’s something you ate as a kid or just something simple and well… not bastardized.

Peanut butter thumbprints are a classic for me, one that I will always love. The dough is soft, crumbly and super peanut buttery, coated in a healthy dusting of sugar. The cookie looks weathered with a few cracks from having a milk chocolate hershey kiss pressed into the center of it.

They’re best when you get to take a bite of one fresh out of the oven. It crumbles in your hand as you bite into it and half the melted chocolate ends up on your lips instead of in your mouth. You lick your lips and enjoy nostalgic chocolate peanut butter bliss. Perfection. You couldn’t wait for them to cool down as a kid, and you suffer the same temptation years later.

Check out Hershey’s recipe here and indulge your childhood sweet tooth.

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