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Scrumptious PB&J Teddy Cake

February 27, 2008

too cute to eat

This PB&J Cake from Wilton’s website is not only made in the shape of a “huggable teddy bear” but also contains peanut butter, jelly and chocolate chips. You of course don’t need to make yours in the shape of a teddy, but you would be doing so at the risk of going down a few notches in adorability. (And yes, adorability is a word. Take that!)

Check out the recipe here.

If you browsed the ingredients like I did you might also be thinking “what the hell is almond brickle?” Comfortingly, a google search proves that I’m not the only confused one. It looks like people tend to interpret this into being anything from this homemade variety to something like Hershey’s Heath Bits O’ Brickle. It seems that either type would amount to a tasty end result.

I’ve been pretty curious about mixing the pb&j combo with the c&pb combo. Though this recipe has yet to materialize in my kitchen, it seems like a safe bet.

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