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Great with a glass of milk...

February 20, 2008

chocolate chip bran muffins

Wanting chocolate for breakfast, but also wanting something filling / nutritious is a daily battle for me. Most days I just end up mixing some cocoa krispies in with my cheerios for breakfast. And when that proves not to be enough chocolate, I have a bit of whatever chocolate bar I have laying around. Because who can go on with their day without a little breakfast dessert?

I love muffins, but most chocolate chip muffins tend to be a bit too sweet and therefore an ill fit for a satisfying breakfast. Last night I tried this recipe out and they proved to be chocolatey, but hearty. They are made with bran, oats and you guessed it… peanut butter! The peanut butter flavor is mild, which adds nice body to the muffins but again doesn’t make them overly dessert-like. The bran and oats give them a pleasant chewy texture.

I would recommend taking them out when they are just ever so slightly brown so they stay soft. Because while the chewiness is nice, it doesn’t make for the moistest bran muffin I’ve ever had. While I was eating one I thought, they aren’t super moist, but they aren’t dry… they just need something… not butter… and then it came to me: a sip of milk. It makes for a perfect pair and a nutritious (enough) breakfast.

Chocolate Chip Bran Muffins Recipe at allrecipes.

These are the moistest bran muffins to ever come out of my kitchen. I love this recipe, though it lacks my two favorite ingredients… maybe it can be adjusted… bwahaha.

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