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Photo Op: The A-Rod Cupcake

July 13th, 2009

A-Rod Cupcake

Back in May, I was so busy baking for Brooklyn Kitchen’s Cupcake Cookoff that I forgot to take a decent pictures of my finished cupcakes. I recently made another batch of A-Rod cupcakes for my friends at Askinosie Chocolate when they were in town for The Fancy Food Show and finally got some decent pictures. If you weren’t previously convinced to try this recipe, will these pictures help?

A-Rod Cupcake

Ooh baby, check out that close-up:

A-Rod Cupcake

The A-Rod, a “fluffernutter cupcake on steroids” is a chocolate cupcake filled with marshmallow fluff, topped with milk chocolate ganache, a peanut butter cookie and peanut butter ganache. You can get the recipe here.

A-Rod Cupcake

Now here’s the part where you’re going to think I’m crazy (if you don’t already). The day I made these, the Askinosie team, Taste Tester and I went out for a very filling dinner at the famous Katz’s Deli. Somehow despite being very full and enjoying some of the above homemade cupcakes, we also managed to visit four – yes FOUR – other dessert places in the same night. Crazy? Maybe. Crazy delicious? Definitely!

At some point we counted and if memory serves me correctly, we ate a total of 18 cupcakes and 3 desserts between the 6 of us. The stars of this gluttonous evening were the pumpkin cupcake with cream cheese frosting at Sugar Sweet Sunshine, the triple chocolate cupcake at Chikalicious Dessert Club, and everything at The Dessert Truck. We also stopped in Max Brenner’s to nibble some samples while taking a peek at their collection of chocolates and beautiful package design.

Of all the stops, The Dessert Truck was easily the best. The Milk Chocolate Mousse w/peanut butter center and caramelized popcorn, Warm Molten Dark Chocolate Cake w/olive oil ganache, hazelnuts, sea salt and vanilla ice cream, and Goat Cheese Cake w/rosemary caramel and fresh blackberries were all absolutely phenomenal.

I’ll post pics and write more on those NYC treats another day. For now, enjoy the A-Rod!

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  • Double drool!

    Thanks for the NYC tips! I’m traveling to NYC on a Friday in August and have about 24 hours alone in the city, before I meet up with friends Saturday. I already had Chikalicious bookmarked from when I went up almost 2 years ago, but never made it there. I did make it to Max Brenner though! And I already added Sugar Sweet Sunshine to my list of possible places to visit, but now it looks like I’ll have to add the Dessert Truck too! I’ll be staying in the East Village, so if you have any other food or shopping or any other kind of suggestions it would be greatly appreciated! ;)

    by Erin CottrellJul 15, 2009 at 11:47 am

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